Partner Newsletter – October 2020

Hi everyone, welcome to the October 2020 Partner newsletter!

We hope that October has treated you well so far and that you’ve got some juicy Halloween promotions and sales in your pipeline.

What’s new in the partner portal?

We’ve added some really helpful new marketing resources in the partner portal.

  • Pricing Templates

First, some great pricing options and templates for both Enterprise and Midmarket leads. You can find the link to those here.

  • timetoreply Sales and Success Powerpoints

After you’ve shown your leads the general timetoreply Powerpoint presentation, you might want to follow up with a product-specific presentation for either timetoreply Success or Sales. You can find links to those two new powerpoints here.

  • Security and Compliance Doc

A great doc to share with Information Technology, Legal and Risk & Compliance managers, and executives. Find that doc here.

As always, we welcome feedback about our resources, and if you need anything specific that isn’t listed in the portal, feel free to reach out.


What’s new in timetoreply this month?


Our devs have been really hard at work and we’ve got some exciting updates to share.

1. Super real-time updates to reports

Data for o365, G Suite, and MS Exchange is now 100% real-time with data updating within a minute or two from when you send or receive an email. We no longer ingest emails every 15 minutes and instead, we use webhooks to update the data in real-time. It’s great because it makes the dashboard incredibly accurate.

What this means for the future

Webhook ingestion means that we can finally offer real-time alerts rather than only offering scheduled reports. Real-time alerts will allow customers to create rules that will fire off an alert in real-time to either the agent dealing with the email or a manager (whomever they like really 🙂 )! This feature is set to drop by the end of November.

2. Bulk Mailbox add for MS Exchange

We’ve included this info in the latest timetoreply newsletter, but it’s exciting enough to mention twice.

We are now able to offer “Bulk Add” for MS Exchange customers running 2013 or newer.

What does this mean?

  • Firstly, instead of adding mailboxes one at a time and having to re-authenticate the mailboxes frequently, customers can add the mailboxes they want to track in one go.
  • Secondly, customers can create a service account to use with timetoreply and limit the mailboxes that the service account can authenticate which means they can control their security and not provide the service account with access to all mailboxes on their tenant.

This should be a very attractive feature for MS Exchange users, so we encourage you to find as many of those as possible this month!


Looking Ahead

We are busy building apps for o365 and G Suite/Gmail customers so that they can mark an email as “completed/closed” directly from within their Gmail or o365 mail client. This will allow teams to be on top of every single email, make reporting more valuable as customers will know exactly what has been dealt with and what still requires attention, and lastly enable us to provide a new average time: Time to complete.

The time-to-complete metric will calculate the time between when an email first arrived to the last email in the conversation/thread before the thread is marked as “completed/closed”. So effectively this will give customers a “resolution” time and we will display this per thread as well as an overall average time to complete.


This can be used in customer service teams as well as sales teams. Sales teams can use the time to complete metric to calculate how long their team is taking to close inbound sales inquiries.

There is so much more we could talk about, but we’ll keep some exciting news back for the next update!


Your Feedback Matters

I cannot stress enough how important your feedback is for us and I thank you very much for all your comments so far.

Please don’t hesitate to share any additional thoughts on the program with me, I’ll be more than happy to hear your opinion and discuss with the team how we can improve.

Thank you very much for all your effort and have a kick-ass October!