Company types: 

Logistics, Property Management, Insurance, and Financial Services.


Company size: 

201 – 1000 employees



Primary: Business Development Head / Sales Manager

Secondary: IT manager / IT service provider


Most common questions asked by decision-makers:

  • Can I see how my team is performing when replying to customer emails and can I compare team members?
  • Can you track shared/group mailboxes?
  • We want to improve our inbound email response times, can this software track email reply times?
  • We have auto-forwarding rules to route incoming email to particular staff members, can timetoreply track those emails?


Common objections:

  • We have a CRM system, what does TTR do that my CRM doesn’t?
  • Is it secure?
  • We’re more interested in time to resolution than time to reply.
  • What about phone calls? We want our staff to call everyone.
  • I don’t want my staff to feel like we are “big brother”
  • It is difficult to identify emails that should be responded to vs those that shouldn’t.


Objection handling:

  • CRMs are big solutions that require long deployment/onboarding cycles and end-user training due to changes in workflows. TTR offers a lightweight, rapid deployment with zero change to workflow. TTR data supplements CRM data.
  • TTR is ISO27001 certified, GDPR compliant, and audited by a global Google Security partner. TTR also offers a self-hosted deployment option.
  • ‘Time To Close’ metric is being launched in Q4 2020 that will allow customers to measure not only how quickly an email was replied to, but how long it took to close, resolve or complete the email.
  • TTR is not an employee monitoring system, it’s designed to help managers optimize their team’s prospect engagement and sales performance.
  • TTR account level filters allow for blacklisting or whitelisting of emails based on various criteria and rulesets. This allows emails that do not require a response to be excluded from TTR reporting.


Other software solutions commonly used by mid-market TTR Sales prospects

  • Email solutions (o365, Gsuite, Exchange)
  • Email security (Proofpoint)
  • CRM (Hubspot, SalesForce)
  • Data Visualization Tools (Power BI, Tableau)
  • Helpdesk Software (Zendesk, Intercom, Fresh Desk)
  • Customer Service Software
  • Sales Team Software
  • Productivity Software



TTR is billed on a ‘per mailbox’ basis, not per account user. The annual subscription comes with a standard 25% discount.


Mid Market

5 – 50 Mailboxes: $10 per mailbox, per month

50+ Mailboxes: Custom pricing



Customers who choose the Annual-in-Advance payment plan have two payment options:


  1. Credit or Debit Card – the fastest and easiest way to pay, simply access your timetoreply account billing screen and enter your payment information. You will be billed automatically and receive a receipt for each payment via email. You will also have all invoices available for download in your timetoreply account.
  2. Bank transfer – Customers who prefer to pay by bank transfer receive an invoice for the contract fee and make payment to the bank account details stated on the invoice.


Customers who choose to pay monthly will make payment by credit or debit card as described above.